Ayurveda Herbs for Younger Looking and Glowing Skin

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    Aging is an inevitable process, and wrinkled skin, macular degeneration, and greying hair are some of its symptoms.

    Ayurveda is a science that believes in prevention and suggests herbs to reduce aging by regenerating body cells.

    Herbs like turmeric, Shatavari, etc., with various anti-oxidants, inhibit the growth of cell-damaging free radicals in the body.

    Ayurvedic tips to slow down skin aging as per Ayurveda

    • Regulate Kapha by providing adequate moisture.
    • Controle pitta by normalizing metabolism and hormonal function of skin tissues.
    • Maintain vata by conserving proper blood circulation and nutrient supply to the skin
    • Therapies like – urjaskara, vyadhihara, etc.
    • Vayasthapana herbs help to defy growing older and uphold youthfulness.
    • Varnya brighten the complexion of the skin
    • Tvachya herbs deliver hydration and moisture allergens
    • Tvachagnivardhani herbs infuse shine and luster to the skin.


    Curcumin the main active compound present in Turmeric possesses powerful anti-aging properties due to its potent antioxidant potential.

    • It helps stimulate new cell growth
    • It keeps infections away
    • It is a great exfoliator and provides youthful skin and glow.


    • This herb is known to revive skin tissues and resolve inflamed skin conditions by its anti-inflammatory property.
    • It is one of the most recommended herbs in Ayurveda for immunity and nourishment.
    • Giloy is packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals keeping the cells healthy and protecting them from various skin disorders.
    • It is considered a natural remedy to purify the blood and regulate flawless skin.
    • Potent in rejuvenating skin, can help to keep skin young, fresh and beautiful.
    • It can be consumed with amla and Haridra or can apply stem paste on the skin.


    Punarnava helps in restoring the vigor and vitality of youth and has blood purifying property.


    • It is a rich source of antioxidants triterpenesasiaticoside and madecassic acid.
    • It is a wonderful plant for diminishing acne, scars, and injuries on the skin.
    • It also helps in reducing swelling and redness due to its anti-inflammatory property.


    Ashwagandha is recognized as an adaptogen, which normalizes stress and is an underlying cause for physical & mental illness, as well as premature aging.

    • It keeps your skin radiant
    • It has both antibacterial and anti-microbial properties
    • It can boost collagen production in the skin, which prevents aging.


    Amla is the most powerful anti-oxidative herb, loaded with vitamin C controls premature aging.

    • It promotes pro-collagen production
    • Amalaki Rasayana prevents the erosion of telomeres
    • Regular consumption may delay the development of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.


    • It is a vast reserve house of hydrating Phyto-nutrients, besides vitamin A and B complex.
    • These Phyto-nutrients contribute towards locking in moisture.
    • They help in boosting collagen synthesis and nurturing skin integrity.


    Short-term consumption or application of these herbs will not lock eternal youth in the skin but will help your skin cells to stay healthy with its nourishing properties. So, instead of relying on chemical products, try these herbals and get the best care possible to look young and age slowly. So, try to include them in your daily diet. In case you have a query, you can always consult an Ayurvedic doctor at Total Ayurveda Care and get answers to your questions!

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