Ayurvedic Tips to Gain Weight Naturally

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    If you are considering to gain weight naturally, following an Ayurvedic lifestyle can do wonders for you. As per Ayurveda, people with Vata dominant physiology (Vata Prakriti) are typically thin, while people with Kapha dominant physiology (Kapha Prakriti) tend to be overweight (obese). 

    Ayurvedic herbs for Weight Gain

    Ashwagandha Powder

    Consuming Ashwagandha powder with hot water can help increase body weight. Ashwagandha powder is used extensively in Ayurveda for the treating various ailments.

    Shatavari Powder

    Shatavari powder is another popular weight-promoting herb in Ayurveda. You also need to have a high protein diet while you are having this powder.

    This potent ‘female-friendly herb’ holds high significance in boosting digestion, treating anorexia, enhancing libido, bolstering immunity, promoting lactation, and preventing stress & anxiety. By normalizing the Pitta, Shatavari formulation ensures optimal body fluids and thereby helps in weight gain naturally.


    One of the major reasons for weight loss is the weakening of the digestive system and reduced metabolism. In Ayurveda, Yastimadhu is used to strengthen the digestive system healthily. Be it strengthening the immunity, improving strength and wellness or, enhancing overall stamina Yastimadhu churna does it all.

    White Musli

    It increases strength and helps in eliminating weakness from the body. It gives the required strength to the muscles. White Musli is also used to reduce stress and depression therapeutically. Include this in your daily diet as a natural remedy to gain weight naturally.  

    10 Ayurvedic tips for Weight Gain

    1. Include soybean in diet, it is high in protein and a perfect source for vegetarians. If your diet includes non-vegetarian foods, you can have any meat of choice once or twice a week.
    2. Include more sugarcane, rice, black gram, and wheat in your daily diet.
    3. Eat at a normal speed, neither too slow nor too fast.
    4. To maintain ideal weight, one must exercise regularly to allow the body to metabolize the food you have consumed and for keeping your appetite strong for a longer period.
    5. Small quantities of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cardamom, clove, and black pepper in the diet helps in stimulating appetite.
    6. Get at least eight hours of sound sleep. Avoid distractions before going to bed, like mobile phones or laptops, TV.
    7. Avoid watching television, mobile phone while eating.
    8. Choose a clean and noise-free environment to have daily meals.
    9. Do not drink a lot of water before or after meals. You can take small sips during meals if needed.
    10. Massaging (abhyanga) the body with sesame oil allows the muscles and bones to become strong. It also promotes blood circulation which will carry nutrients in the body.


    One can keep ideal body weight with ayurvedic tips and a balanced food diet with a little tonic assistance. A little change in lifestyle can positively affect your body. Not only it will help you gain weight, but make you feel a lot more healthy and energetic. Know how Ayurveda can help you reduce stress and gain weight, we suggest that you get online ayurvedic doctor consultation at Total Ayurveda Care now! You’ll receive guidance from world-class Ayurvedic doctors as you learn the practices from our experts that guide you to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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