Role of Ayurveda in Treatment of PCOD

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Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a disease that manifests in a female body as a result of hormonal imbalance at reproductive age. This causes irregular periods, sometimes over bleeding, facial hair, thinning of scalp, and  weight gain. Today PCOD has become the prime cause of infertility in women.

Even though PCOD is a serious disorder, it can be completely cured  through Ayurvedic practices and healthy lifestyle. The first-ever case of PCOD was detected in the year 1935 and today over 10 million women are suffering from it. Because of the fast modern lifestyle, the incidence has increased.

Causes of PCOD

The main cause of pcod isn’t well understood, but may involve the following reasons:

  • Imbalance & poor diet
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Low physical activity
  • Excessive stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Genes

PCOD Symptoms

These are a few symptoms that your body might experience:

  1. Amenorrhea, irregular menses, scanty menses, or any menstrual problem.
  2. Hirsutism
  3. Dark-colored patches on the neck (acanthosis nigricans)
  4. Acne vulgaris
  5. Hair loss 
  6. Psychological disturbances like anxiety & depression
  7. Metabolic disturbances causing obesity, increased cholesterol, etc.
  8. Infertility 

If you face a few or any of these symptoms, it is advices to consult a doctor.

PCOD is a serious disease, but it can be cured with a few lifestyle modifications.

  1. Your Food Is Your Medicine:
  • Start eating the right food, stop packaged processed foods for a while and switch to fresh homely food. 
  • Warm water with turmeric or ginger 
  • Fill half your plate with fresh vegetables 1/4 of that plate with a portion of protein-rich food and the remaining one full part with complex carbohydrates like roti rice or millets.
  • Avoid non-veg, white sugar, oily food, and sweets
  1. Follow A Natural Sleep Pattern:  (in between 9 pm to 6 am) and avoid day sleeping. The body of a woman reacts very quickly to hormonal disturbances, irregular bedtime phone calls, TV before going to sleep can make the condition of your hormones, worse.
  1. Avoid Plastics:  
  • Containers, bottles, etc, as much as possible, especially if you take your lunch along make sure it is bagged in a stainless steel container and not plastic.
  • This is because when plastic comes in contact with the food it releases chemicals like Xeno explosions into it, which are similar to the hormone estrogens produced by the human body and it completely disturb the hormonal balance. So prefer glass containers or stainless steel containers,
  1. Exercises/ Yoga – practice : Various exercises or asanas like butterfly pose for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  1. The Connection With Moon: 
  • A woman’s body has a very strong connection with the moon, the 28-day cycle of the moon, and the 28 days menstrual cycle. 
  • Women can balance hormones just by sitting in the moonlight. It is recommended to sit for at least 15min before going to sleep. The more moonlight you will absorb the better your hormones will function. 
  • You can even keep water in a glass bottle under Moon for a night and drink it the next morning to reap the benefits of moonlight.
  1. Say No To Medicines:
  • If you’re on contraceptive drugs, anti-diabetic drugs, or anti-androgen drugs which are mostly given to treat this disease, then you are just wasting your time and money. 
  • These medicines only pacify the symptoms and don’t even tap the main cause
  1. Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies :
  • Correcting hormonal imbalance with herbs like Ashoka, dashamoola, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, etc.
  • Treatment for obesity 
  • Treatment for insulin resistance

Panchakarma in PCOD

  • Udvartana (dry powder massage)
  • Virechana (purgation)
  • Vamana (emesis)
  • Basti (enema)

Single Herbs in Pcod 

  1. Varuna: Helps to reduce the size of the cyst and clears the channel
  2. Haritaki: Due to laxative effect it reduces the body morbidity
  3. Pippali: Being a effective rejuvenator, carminative, and free radical scavenging agent, it curbs the pathology
  4. Bilva: Reduces the size of cyst growth 
  5. Agnimantha: Being digestive, helps in proper metabolism and suppress the cyst growth
  6. Guduchi: It helps in breaking the pathology
  7. Punarnava: It reduces the size of the growth
  8. Chitraka: Potent digestive and carminative, helps in metabolism 
  9. Shunthi: Quick penetrative and digestive 
  10. Anjani: Effective in reducing the cysts and breaking the pathology

The Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD focuses on lifestyle and diet changes like adding therapies, execises or yoga to your daily routine along with addition of herbs and vegetables and by reducing fats, refined sugar and salts. But before making any lifestyle changes in your life it is advised to get in touch with our Ayurvedic doctors and understand your body needs. Because we at Total Ayurveda Care believe that everybody is unique in its own way and requires a different plan. Book an appointment with our experts.

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