Shankhpushpi (Speedwheel): An Ayurvedic Plant for Health Benefits

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    Shankhpushpi, clad by the vernacular names Shankhini, Sadaphuli, Samkhapushpi, and Sankhaphuli, Kambumalini. Shankhpushpi is brain-boosting herbal amends that can benefit your memory and your ability to learn. But that’s not all, if you’re coping with anxiety issues, tension headaches, or even digestive problems like ulcers or dysentery, this is a remedy to considering.

    What is Shankhpushpi?

    Shankhpushpi, which passes by the botanical name Convolvulus pluricaulis is a seasonal plant native to India. Well-known as morning-glory, Aloe weed or speed wheel in English, this Ayurvedic herb has specific arrowhead-shaped leaves and corned-shaped blue or white flowers. The flower is immensely beneficial and is used from root to tips for its wide range of therapeutic aids.

    The science of Ayurveda popularizes Shankhpushpi in various Rasayanas (formulations) and scriptures by the Sanskrit names Visnukranta, Vaishnava, Sankhaholi, Vishnugandhi, Vishnukranti, Shankavall.

    The host of properties holding Vamana (Vomiting), Medhya (memory booster),  Pachana (aids in digestion), Deepana (enhances stomach fire), Rochana (stimulates appetite), Kusthahara (treats skin inflammation), Hridaya (treats heart problems), Shothahara (reduces inflammation), Jantujit (relieves from worm infection) performs this wonderful herb a great solution of umpteen health problems.

    Health benefits of Shankhapushpi

    • Improves Cognitive Functioning

    Shankhpushpi is an old remedy for developing the functioning of the brain. The potent antioxidants and flavonoids performing in it promote the memory capacity, concentration, focus,  calmness, alertness of an individual.

    • Reduces Mental Fatigue

    Mental fatigue mostly occurs due to excessive work using a computer, learning or memorizing activities, watching television for hours, etc. and leads to a person to lose concentration. Shankhpushpi is a powerful memory booster that aids in strengthening the brain’s acting efficiency and lessen the loss of concentration.

    Absorption of a decoction of Shankhpushpi powder with a glass of water on a regular basis can do miracles in boosting your memory.

    • Shankhpushpi for Depression

    Shankhapushpi has great significance due to its great anti-anxiety properties that are extremely helpful for treating specific types of psychotic problems like dementia, restlessness, depression, etc. It profits the brain chemicals.

    • Enhances Cardiac Functioning

    Shankhpushpi is extremely effective in treating various heart diseases due to its strong antioxidative nature. It strengthens the heart muscles and prevents lipid build up in the blood vessels. Reduces the risk of heart blocks, heart attacks, blood clots, etc. It also plays a key role in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

    • Stimulates Digestion

    The digestive properties found in this ancient herb– is built to be highly beneficial in promoting digestion. It also avoids fluid retention and treats symptoms of abdominal pain, ulcerative colitis, and annoyed bowel syndrome.

    • Augments Skin Health

    Shankhpushpi plays a key role in treating various skin problems. It acts as a skin tonic and penetrates deep into the skin, nourishes it from within, and imparts a radiant and healthy glow. Apart from this, antioxidative nature also treats the various signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.

    • Prevents Headache

    Massaging the forehead with Shankhpushpi oil prevents to relieve headaches and provide a soothing and cooling effect.

    • Shankhpushpi for Insomnia

    Shankhpushpi helps to reduce the levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone and thereby attenuates stress and improves the quality, duration and provides a peaceful sleep.

    • Shankhpushpi for Ulcers

    The glycoprotein secretions of the herb is extremely efficient in treating different types of stomach ulcer, including peptic and ulcerative colitis.

    • Shankhpushpi For Pregnancy

    This herb is considered safe for pregnant women as it effectively strengthens the uterus and prevents miscarriages.

    Shankhpushpi is an old herbal remedy blessed with umpteen health advances. It maintains excellent significance in improving the enhancing concentration, memory capacity, learning capabilities, and treating mental fatigue, insomnia, etc. The expanded health benefits of the numerous herbs used in this formulation also extend its therapeutic effectiveness in treating infertility issues. The key is to keep a natural way to limit mental fatigue, and this can be managed by taking on Ayurvedic practices and medicines.  In case you have a query, you can always consult an expert at Total Ayurveda Care and get answers to your questions!

    Disclaimer: The information in this article is presented for the sole purpose of education on Ayurveda and neither the details in this blog nor the products are intended to diagnose, cure, prevent. treat, or mitigate any condition. If you have a medical condition, please consult a doctor or health professional. Total Ayurveda Care strongly recommends that you speak with your doctor before making any changes to your diet through which your health will be benefited.