USHAPAN: Ayurvedic Daily Detox at Home for Healthy Life

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    The essential ambition of Ayurveda is- “Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam, Aturasaya Vikara Prashamnam Cha” It means Ayurveda desires at the protection and maintenance of healthy life and elimination of and management over the syndromes and ailments of the unhealthy. “Ushapan” (drinking liter of water early morning). The excellent time to do Ushapan is before sunrise, instantly after waking up and before brushing your teeth. Yes, before brushing your teeth is considered extremely helpful, according to Ayurveda, as the frozen up saliva in the mouth gets potent medicinal properties. Maintain your ideal weight to your body nature, clarity of mind, strong immunity, enhanced energy, and focus–who doesn’t want this to be the “new normal” in our everyday lifestyle?

    All these helps can become a realism by blending this simple and popular routine, no burden on the pocket. Both the affluent and the needy can take advantage of nature’s gifted remedy from Ayurveda. This routine is so simple that one tends to overlook it’s potent benefits–consuming one liter of plain water! 

    Efficacy of Ushapan:

    The hot water will also be absorbed into your circulatory system and travel throughout your body. The extra fluidity and warmth this provides benefits open the circulatory channels, identified as Shrotas, and serves dissolve and rinse away any accumulated Ama that is blocking both tissue and cellular channels. The result is that nutrition can be delivered more effectively to your cells, and cellular metabolic waste is more efficiently eliminated.

    After just a few weeks of usually hot water drinking, many people describe that their digestion and elimination have promoted and they feel fresher and lighter.

    In Ayurveda, as water has a slight hereditary pattern that has the potential to detox, hydrate, control, eliminate, and make our bodies back to nature’s rhythm. So to perform this process work well, we must drink plain hot water with nothing combined to it.

    The experience of Ayurveda also informs us higher about the true way to drink water. Taking small sips and savoring the taste of water in the mouth is the ideal way to drink it. To make it higher useful, drink your morning water sitting in a Sukhasana (cross-legged seated position).

    For finest results, be sure not to eat anything until at least 30- 40 minutes later, as this is the moment the body gets to steam-clean our body cells, hydrate and stimulate the cells, and start removing all the toxins piled up in the body.

    The top benefits of drinking water daily:

    1. Removes Toxins
    2. Prevents kidney stones
    3. Enhances brain function
    4. Relieve constipation
    5. Improves Digestion
    6. Helps in  weight management
    7. Maintains body temperature
    8. Preserves hydration
    9. Counteracts fatigue
    10. Benefits for radiant skin
    11. Boosts the immune system

    Ushapana is the wonderful gift of Ayurveda to humans and has tremendous effect on our body. When water is stored in copper vessel has increased its effects manifolds. This will help in the prevention of many diseases as drinking water in an empty stomach purifies the human body. If you turn to integrate this Ayurvedic practice into your regular routine, you will start to notice the benefits.

    Include an easy session of stretching to your routine, and you’ll feel more empowered and better equipped to tackle the day. Just have a regular and consistent healthy diet. Even something as essential as boosting your energy levels can serve you to promote the quality of your life. Decided to stay healthy while work from home? Learn more about the natural ways. You can contact online expert consultants at Total Ayurveda Care and get more healthy tips. We offer a wide range of herbals, spices, Nuts, and Dry fruits supplements that can benefit your health greatly! Have a look at our product catalog today!

    Disclaimer: The information in this article is presented for the sole purpose of education on Ayurveda and neither the details in this blog nor the products are intended to diagnose, cure, prevent. Treat, or mitigate any condition. If you have a medical condition, please consult a doctor or health professional. Total Ayurveda Care strongly recommends that you speak with your doctor before making any changes to your diet through which your health will be benefited.