Want to get longer, thicker hair? Learn an Ayurvedic way to prevent hair fall

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    In Ayurveda Hair fall is known as Khalitya, a type of kshudra roga (minor disease) and shiroroga (diseases of head & scalp).Every individual experiences some amount of hair fall on a daily basis. But due to lifestyle changes hair loss and hair thinning have become common in majority of people these days.

    It is increasing for  people living   a sedentary life, stress and indiscriminate dietary habits. Also, deficiencies in the body directly reflect in hair loss or bad hair health.

    Causes of Khalitya (hair fall) Roga

    • Pitta Prakriti people- Due to ushna guna of pitta dosha
    •  Decrease in Asthi dhatu- Hair fall can be caused by decrease in Asthi dhatu or vitiation of Asthi dhatu.
    • Excessive combing during ritual leads- to hair fall in child.
    • Viruddha ahara (incompatible food)
    • Abhishyandi ahara
    • Excessive consumption of salt and kshara
    • Improper diet or excess salt in diet consumption by pregnant lady causes Khalitya early in her child due vitiation of pitta dosha.
    • Anger, excess talk, sneezing, laughing too much, and over exertion after taking Nasya leads to Khalitya and palitya.

    Causes according to modern science

    • Nutritional disorder
    • Local skin disorder
    • Endocrinal diseases
    • Post – acute illness
    • Stress
    • Drugs
    • Cosmetics
    • Genetic causes.

    Approach to Patient of Khalitya

    Hair fall is manifested as primary disease (as independent disease) as well as secondary to other disorder or can be present as symptom of many diseases.  Because of its variable etio-pathogenesis, it requires a careful approach to the patients for proper diagnosis and treatment of hair fall (Khalitya). Proper history should be taken including all the criteria like past medical history, personal history and family history along with other general (including scalp and body) & systemic examinations.

    Types of hair loss

    1. Androgenic Alopecia (hereditary thinning)
    2. Alopecia Areata (autoimmune disease)
    3. Cicatricial Alopecia (scarring)
    4. Involutional Alopecia (natural hair fall seen in old age)
    5. Alopecia Universalis (hair fall from all parts of body)
    6. Trchotillomania (seen in children’s with psychological disorders)
    7. Telogen Effluvium (temporary hair loss)

    Management of Hair fall (Khalitya)

    Nidanparivarjan (causative factors )

    First line of treatment is Nidanparivarjan. All the causative factors & risk factors should examine carefully and must be avoided to reduce progress of disease. 

    • In case of hair fall due to premature aging, Rasayana therapy with vayasthapana drugs should be advised.
    • Individual should protect himself from dust, smoke, sunlight fog, cold water, etc. one should avoid day sleeping and awakening late night.
    • People with hair fall must avoid excessive use of salt and kshara in his diet.

    Hair Care

    Along with precautions, someone  experiencing hair fall should adopt hair care routines.

    Moordha tail (oiling) and paste for local application over scalp – regular application of oil on scalp.

    •  It prevents hair fall, baldness and also makes the hair black, long and deep – rooted.
    •  It provides nourishment to the hair follicles, cortex and hair fibre.  
    •  Mustard oil or Coconut oil can be used on regular basis for the hair massage.

    Nasya (nasal drop) – Everybody should take nasal drop of “Anu tail” every year during the rainy, autumn and spring season when the sky is free from cloud. Along with other therapeutic benefits, it helps in prevention of hair fall and also accelerates hair growth. Nasya nourishes the all srotas (channels) present above the clavicle including the hair follicles that strengthen the hair and reduce hair falling.

    Snana (taking bath)

    Acharya Sushrut mentioned that the head and hair should not be washed with warm water or with very cold water. Warm water reduces the strength of hair.

    • Proper hair wash should be  done three times in a  week.
    • Shampoos and soaps used for hair wash should be mild and free from chemicals.
    • Decoction or Shampoo made up of herbs like Henna, Bringraj, Jatamansi, Shoe flower, Triphala, Ghrit Kumari, Shikakai, Motha, Bhrami etc. can be used for hair washing. 
    • Dhoomapana (medicated smoke)– Along with health of head & senses, dhoomapana cures the problem of hair fall by clearing the dosha from head region and also improves the firmness of hair on the head, beard & teeth.
    • Kshaurakarma – Hair cutting & proper care of hair of scalp & beard should be done regularly. Acharya charaka mentioned that everybody should have a hair – cut, shave and nail cut thrice every fortnight.

    Ushnishka – The wearing of ushnishka (turban or cap) on head protect the hair from wind, heat, dust etc. which is pious and beneficial for hair. Covering of head protect are hairs from environmental factor.

    Purification Procedure (Panchakarma)

    In hair fall Vamana, Virechana, Vasti and Rakta mokshana should be done according to the dosha involvement. Because of predominant pitta dosha, Virechana and rakta mokshan are commonly indicated in hair fall & baldness.

     Medicated Oils for shiroabhyanga  

    • Neeli tail (Sushrut)
    • Sairiyaka tail (Sushrut)
    • Mulethi + amlalaka + milk + tail paka (Chakradutta)

     Pastes for local application over scalp are

    • Madhuka, amalaka + honey (A.S)
    • Tila, amalaka + honey + oil(A.S)
    • Dugdhika karveera+ milk (A.S)
    • japapushpa then wash with triphala kwath  Ayas churna + triphala + sour liquid (Chakradutta)


    Khalitya (hair fall) can be controlled/ prevented with some minor changes of life style and dietary habits. Proper hair care like oiling, washing, protection from external factors like environment, chemicals, heating etc is important for preventing hair fall and keeping them healthy. Before starting treatment of hair fall, physician should identify the cause and  then start withother therapies like Abhyanga, lepana, shodhan, nasya, Rasayana should be prescribed accordingly.

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